Did Timothy Bradley make a mistake signing with Top Rank?

With this long break and struggles to find a suitable opponent, people are suggesting that Timothy Bradley might have made a mistake signing with Top Rank. Working with Top Rank, there are flaws, a lot of them. But if you look at the bottom line, Bradley did make the right decision.

The main one is the shallow pool of talent in the 140- and 147-pound weight classes. If Bradley was with Golden Boy, he would have big, big fights against Amir Khan, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, current light welterweight king Danny Garcia, the dangerous Argentine duo of Marcos Maidana and Lucas Matthysse, Victor Ortiz, and of course, the Money man Floyd Mayweather.

But boxing is a business and in business, the important thing is the bottom line. Top Rank wanted to pay a premium for Bradley. Golden Boy didn’t. So Bradley made the financially sound move.

While Mayweather will go down as the best fighter in this era, he only offers $2.5 million to his opponents, and I don’t think the pay-per-view share is that much. To fight Pacquiao, Bradley earned $5 million and got a small piece of the pay-per-view.

And Golden Boy didn’t covet Bradley like Top Rank did. The move was to get Bradley to fight Pacquiao. Golden Boy still had a grudge against Bradley for turning down the Amir Khan fight. As accomplished as Bradley was, there was no guarantee Golden Boy would put him on the fast track to Mayweather for half the money he would get for Pacquiao.

Now we’re in the back end. Bradley doesn’t have a lot of attractive fighters to face post-Pacquiao. Brandon Rios would be a great fight, but Cameron Dunkin manages both fighters and I’m sure he would want to avoid that. Mike Alvarado is a rugged fighter, but he has never been a world champion or defeated an elite fighter. There was talk that Bradley could have fought Yorkis Gamboa, but Gamboa had to go up three weight classes (17 pounds) from his last fight to take on Bradley.

Dunkin said the best thing for Bradley to do is stay busy, thank the best available fights and continue to move on. It might be a little disappointing after beating Pacquiao, But as Dunkin pointed out, the Pacquiao rematch is not out of the question. If Pacquiao can’t make a fifth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, he will be looking for an opponent. Why not Bradley? Dunkin said that fight could be Shanghai or Macao. And that could result in another $5 million payday, bringing his total to $10 million in two fights.

For the fans, it will be disappointing if Bradley never fights the guys at Golden Boy. But the reality is, the fued between Top Rank and Golden Boy, which is tearing this sport apart, shows no sign of changing. Unless something happens between Top Rank and Golden Boy, this is the reality of the situation.



Weekend news and notes 10-15-12

It’s very rare a fight can live up to, or even exceed, the kind of hype that surrounded the Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado fight. But that fight was pretty brutal and fantastic and the leading candidate for fight of the year. Rios won with a seventh-round TKO when he was able to close off the ring and then unload on Alvarado. Up until that point, Rios took a good about of abuse from Alvarado, who fought extremely well.

It puts Rios in a great position as the hottest boxers out there, and now a leading candidate to fight Manny Pacquiao sometime in the spring of 2013 in what will be his biggest payday and a star-making opportunity. However, Rios will have a long wait if he tries to secure the Pac-Man fight. Pacquiao won’t fight for another two months, on Dec. 15, taking on rival Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time. AFter that, there’s talk that Pacquiao would like to step back into the ring in April. But that seems unlikely. After the third fight against Marquez last November, Pacquiao wasn’t ready to fight for seven months. Further complicating things is that Pacquiao is up for re-election in the Philippines, so July could be problematic.

Pacquiao has dragged out his decisions in the past, and with this time table, it could be a while before Rios could get an answer. If he decides he doesn’t want to wait, he has some attractive offers.

First would be a rematch with Alvarado. Judging by the fans and media reaction on Twitter, that fight would be a huge attraction and the most anticipated fight outside Pacquiao-Mayweather. Maybe it would be good enough to become a pay-per-view event. If not, what about Rios taking on Timothy Bradley? It would be an interesting fight, but you can expect both fighters to demand a lot of money for a risky fight. That could be the deal breaker.

In other news, it was announced today that Robert Guerrero will fight Andre Berto. Both guys were leading candidates to fight Bradley. With the continuing problems between Golden Boy and Top Rank, it was difficult to land either guys for Bradley, who will likely pass on his Dec. 15 date. The fight between Guerrero and Berto will be in Ontario on Nov. 24 as both fighters are moving up to a bigger stage. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Whoever wins, it doesn’t seem like either would be a natural to face a Pacquiao or Mayweather or Cotto. Guerrero still has questions to answer at welterweight after just one fight at that division, although he did win the WBC interim title. Berto’s appeal lost some luster when he fell to Victor Ortiz in 2011 and had a failed drug test earlier this year to keep him inactive for all of 2012. They are both terrific fighters, but they have to prove if they have what it takes to be a star. The winner will likely be on track to stardom, but it seems unlikely it will be a fast track.


Should Timothy Bradley fight on Dec. 15?

The long wait for who Timothy Bradley will fight next continues, and none of the options seem that attractive. The fighters in contention have been Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, Andre Berto and now a rematch with Lamont Peterson. None of those fights were a good step up from the controversial victory over Manny Pacquiao, and you get the feeling these are just fights to keep Bradley busy. Here’s a look at the three.

Option No. 1 was Guerrero, but that has fallen apart as the bickering between the two rival promotion companies — Bradley’s Top Rank and Guerrero’s Golden Boy Promotions — continues. It was a fight that generated a lot of buzz, and would have been a nice consolation prize. Big problem is they’re both California products and the fight is in Miami. This would be a good fight in Miami, but a great fight in California, either in LA or the Bay Area.

Option No. 2 was Andre Berto, but that would have been a bad option for Bradley. Berto is a big welterweight who would be fighting at home in Miami. Berto is a tough fight, but fighting in his home would be a bad decision. This would be a good fight, but at a different time and a different venue. Since Bradley is the champion, he could demand the fight be in California.

Option No. 3 is Peterson. This is a rematch of a fight Bradley dominated in 2009 with a near shut-out. Online, the demand for this fight is ice cold. This would be a no-win situation for Bradley.

Another obstacle is the venue, Marlins Park in Miami. In one online report, Arum figures they would try to draw 20,000 for the fight. But the feeling is Top Rank has over reached with this venue. Bradley is a West Coast guy trying to sell in Miami. And the arena is in Little Havana. They will need to find a big Cuban draw to help fill the arena, but I can’t think of one guy who could help fill that arena. It feels like they are setting Bradley up for failure. He has taken enough heat for not selling. Putting him in a big arena in a fight no one will care about is a bad idea. It just seems like it would be a good idea for Bradley to fight in LA and reconnect with Southern California.

As the struggles continue to find a new opponent, especially one who can help fill Marlins Park continue, maybe it’s just time to punt. Sometimes fighting to just fight is when boxers can get into trouble. Maybe it’s getting to that point where it will be better to wait until next year and make another run at the Miguel Cottos, Juan Manuel Marquezs, Manny Pacquiaos and Floyd Mayweathers.

Robert Guerrero-Marcos Maidana fight cancelled

Golden Boy Promotions reports that Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero has injured his shoulder and his fight on Aug. 27 against Marcos Maidana will be cancelled, and full refunds will be available.

Golden Boy Promotion said once Guerrero’s shoulder gets x-rayed, they will make a decision on rescheduling the fight.

This was one of the most anticipated fights of the summer between two of Golden Boy Promotion’s top fighters in the 140-pound division, which happens to be the same weight class Timothy Bradley fights in. Maidana is one of the most feared fighters in the division because of his punching power. He had an epic fight against Amir Khan in December, where he rallied from a first-round knock down and put on a furious finish before losing the decision. He came back and beat Erik Morales, who will be fighting for Bradley’s stripped WBC title.

Guerrero is the former IBF super featherweight title and two-time IBF featherweight champion. Guerrero might also be known for vacating  his super featherweight title to be by his wife’s side as she battled leukemia and taking care of their two children.