Andy Murray on Timothy Bradley Jr. and Julio Diaz

One of the biggest boxing fans on the ATP Tour is U.S. Open and Olympic gold medalist Andy Murray, who last year got a chance to meet Timothy Bradley Jr., the WBO welterweight champion.

At the tournament last year, Bradley had secured a fight against superstar Manny Pacquiao, considered one of the two definitative boxers of this era. Bradley would score a split-decision victory over Pacquiao.

“Obviously he was building up to the biggest fight of his career against one of the best fighters the last time I saw him,” Murray said. “To see him win that fight was cool. It will be nice to see him again.”

There’s word that Bradley will visit the tournament on Sunday.

From Great Britain, Murray is friends with Amir Khan, who was the former light welterweight champon.

In April, Khan will fight Coachella’s Julio Diaz, who also trains at the Indio Boys and Girls Club with Bradley. Diaz is the two-time IBF lightweight champion, making him the first world champion in a major sanctioning body from the Coachella Valley.

It will be Khan’s first fight in Great Britain in two years.

“I know a lot about boxing. I follow it more than I do tennis sometimes,” Murray said. “I know who (Diaz) is, that he’s the former world champion.

“He’s a very good fighter. I’m not going to go into details about why he does well or not. I don’t know if I have the right to have a strong opinion about that. It should be a good fight.”