Did Timothy Bradley make a mistake signing with Top Rank?

With this long break and struggles to find a suitable opponent, people are suggesting that Timothy Bradley might have made a mistake signing with Top Rank. Working with Top Rank, there are flaws, a lot of them. But if you look at the bottom line, Bradley did make the right decision.

The main one is the shallow pool of talent in the 140- and 147-pound weight classes. If Bradley was with Golden Boy, he would have big, big fights against Amir Khan, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, current light welterweight king Danny Garcia, the dangerous Argentine duo of Marcos Maidana and Lucas Matthysse, Victor Ortiz, and of course, the Money man Floyd Mayweather.

But boxing is a business and in business, the important thing is the bottom line. Top Rank wanted to pay a premium for Bradley. Golden Boy didn’t. So Bradley made the financially sound move.

While Mayweather will go down as the best fighter in this era, he only offers $2.5 million to his opponents, and I don’t think the pay-per-view share is that much. To fight Pacquiao, Bradley earned $5 million and got a small piece of the pay-per-view.

And Golden Boy didn’t covet Bradley like Top Rank did. The move was to get Bradley to fight Pacquiao. Golden Boy still had a grudge against Bradley for turning down the Amir Khan fight. As accomplished as Bradley was, there was no guarantee Golden Boy would put him on the fast track to Mayweather for half the money he would get for Pacquiao.

Now we’re in the back end. Bradley doesn’t have a lot of attractive fighters to face post-Pacquiao. Brandon Rios would be a great fight, but Cameron Dunkin manages both fighters and I’m sure he would want to avoid that. Mike Alvarado is a rugged fighter, but he has never been a world champion or defeated an elite fighter. There was talk that Bradley could have fought Yorkis Gamboa, but Gamboa had to go up three weight classes (17 pounds) from his last fight to take on Bradley.

Dunkin said the best thing for Bradley to do is stay busy, thank the best available fights and continue to move on. It might be a little disappointing after beating Pacquiao, But as Dunkin pointed out, the Pacquiao rematch is not out of the question. If Pacquiao can’t make a fifth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, he will be looking for an opponent. Why not Bradley? Dunkin said that fight could be Shanghai or Macao. And that could result in another $5 million payday, bringing his total to $10 million in two fights.

For the fans, it will be disappointing if Bradley never fights the guys at Golden Boy. But the reality is, the fued between Top Rank and Golden Boy, which is tearing this sport apart, shows no sign of changing. Unless something happens between Top Rank and Golden Boy, this is the reality of the situation.