Dish Network to carry Fox Sports San Diego; Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS remain holdouts

Dish Network reached an agreement Wednesday to carry Fox Sports San Diego in time for the upcoming baseball season.

The channel will launch on April 1 in time to carry the San Diego Padres’ opening-day baseball game at the New York Mets.

DISH customers  will have access to the Padres, Los Angeles Clippers and Anaheim Ducks, plus other local sports events. FOX Sports San Diego will be available for local DISH customers with the America’s Top 120 Plus and Latino Dos packages.

“We’re delighted that DISH is making Padres on FOX Sports San Diego available to their valued customers,” said Henry Ford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, FOX Sports San Diego. “On Opening Day 2013 Padres baseball will be delivered to more households than ever before.”

In the Coachella Valley, DirecTV was the only local carrier of Padres games on Fox Sports San Diego last season.

Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS have not reached agreements to add the channel to their lineup.

“It’s less than two months until Opening Day, and Time Warner Cable has expressed no interest in carrying the Padres in 2013,” a Fox Sports statement said Wednesday. ”We hope that Time Warner Cable comes around to see the value in the Padres just as other providers in San Diego have.  Customers can wield a great deal of influence by contacting Time Warner Cable and demanding to see the Padres in 2013.”

A Time Warner Cable spokesperson had no update to report on negotiations.

“Our offer from last year stands, it is an offer that includes a significant fee to carry the Padres,” the Time Warner Cable statement said. “Unfortunately, Fox is still demanding that we pay a nearly 400% increase over what we paid Cox for the same games two years ago.”