NBA, NHL, college basketball offer free sports previews

The NHL season begins Saturday, while the NBA and college basketball are at the halfway point to their seasons.

To spark interest in their season-long TV packages, free previews are planned for all three sports in the coming days and week on Time Warner Cable and other cable and satellite providers.

ESPN’s Full Court college basketball package is offering a free preview through Sunday. The games can be found on channels 971 through 976 on Time Warner Cable.

The NHL’s Center Ice regular-season preview launches Saturday and continues through Thursday, Jan. 31. Games can be found on Time Warner Cable channels 938-951. In addition, new HD channels for the package launched Wednesday on channels 936 and 937.

The NBA League Pass midseason free preview begins Monday and continues through Sunday, Jan. 27. The Time Warner Cable channels are 981-990, with channel 993 a new HD channels for select games on the package.

The free previews aloso are available on DirecTV, Dish Network and Verizon FiOS, though the channel numbers were not available.