Would you rather see Bradley-Pacquiao 2 than Pacquiao-Marquez 4?

Former lightweight champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini was one of many who thought Manny Pacquiao had beaten Cathedral City’s Timothy Bradley convincingly in their fight in June.

But Bradley got the split decision to claim Pacquiao’s WBO title. A large majority of the fans and media thought Pacquiao won convincingly, including Mancini.

“I like (Bradley). I met him before and I like him and he’s a very good fighter. But he didn’t beat Pacquiao, no,” Mancini said to The Desert Sun in November while promoting fights at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino.

In the second episode of the HBO series “24/7″ reality series that is focused on the fourth Pacquiao-Marquez fight, it gave some insight to how much animosity the Pacquiao loss to Bradley created in the Philippines. There was a clip of Pacquiao’s mother, irate that her son had lost and she demanded a rematch.

Pacqiao had a rematch clause in his contract with Bradley, and there was a Nov. 10. Instead, Pacquiao went against his mother’s wishes and will fight Marquez for a fourth time.

“I don’t get it, I really don’t,” Mancini said. ”As the champion, everyone wants to fight the champion. I don‘t understand why the rematch with Pacquiao wasn’t made because there was so much controversy.”

The main reason Pacquiao’s camp and promoters Top Rank have said they went with Marquez is because of money. Top Rank announced Friday that the fight is a sell out and they’re also anticipating a sellout in the closed circuit telecasts. Also, Pacquiao-Marquez 3 had 1.3 million buys on pay-per-view. Pacquiao-Bradley, which didn’t sell out, had over 900,000 buys on pay per view.

Pacquiao and Marquez have had a brutal trilogy that has been tinged with controversy. Many feel Marquez won their last fight over a year ago, as well as their second fight. Instead, both decisions went to Pacquiao.

Although Pacquiao and Marquez’s styles help guarantee Saturday’s fourth fight will again be action packed, some fans feel they’ve seen everything that needs to be seen in the rivalry.

“It’s going to be the same fight. It will be no different,”  Mancini said. “It will be the same type of fight and another controversial ending because one side won’t be happy with it.”

Pacquiao is in a crucial crossroads in his career. He’s coming off his first loss in seven years. A second loss, and will that kill the much anticipated Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight? The Marquez fights, although close, have always gone Pacquiao’s way.

While the decision loss against Bradley was controversial, Pacquiao didn’t knockdown Bradley or hurt him, according to the Desert Storm. And if you looked at Bradley’s face, it didn’t look like he took much punishment. Bradley injured both ankles during the fight and Pacquiao couldn’t knock him down? It raises skepticism about the reasons why Pacquiao passed on the Bradley rematch.

Pacquiao might be taking a pay cut if he fought Bradley, but he would still make a base of $25 million. And if the fight was as easy as Pacquiao’s camp said, then the payday would be pretty easy. Despite the wins, Pacquiao’s body took a beating.