STARTING POINTS: Dead eye and sore arm, college player scores 138 points in one game

I wanted to make a few points today, but there aren’t any left, Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor scored them all last night.

POINT ONE: Did you say 138 points?

By now you probably heard about the performance of Division III basketball player Jack Taylor who scored 138 points in a game last night in Iowa, connecting on 52 of his 108 shots. Here are some of the details:

  • He made 27 of 71 3-pointers and 7 of 10 free throws.
  • The previous record was 113 points set by Bevo Francis for Rio Grande in 1954.
  • He had zero assists.
  • He had 58 points at the half.
  • He is a 5-10, 170-pound shooting guard from Black River Falls, Wisconsin.
  • The most he scored in his life before Tuesday was 48 in a high school game.
  • David Larsen of the other team, Faith Baptist, scored 70 points Tuesday.

POINT TWO: Salivating NBA players react

The idea of putting up 108 shots in a game was, to say the least, appealing to certain NBA ballers. Carmelo Anthony said, “Now when people get on me for shooting too much, I can say someone shot it 108 times in a game.” Kobe Bryant, always the business man, had this to say: “He must have been wearing the Mambas, Man,” referring to the shoes named after Kobe. “Only Mambas have no conscience to shoot the ball that much. You gotta be in shape and you gotta have a little Mamba blood in you.”

How would Kobe compare? That’s a valid question, how much would Kobe sccore if he shot 108 times in an NBA game. Doing a little math with percentages. If Kobe shot 71 3-pointers, 37 two-pointers and 10 free throws, with his current shooting percentages, he would have scored — only 131 points. Well, that wasn’t as interesting as I thought, I was hoping it would have been like 200 points. Kobe would have made one more 3-pointer and two more free throws, but lagged behind in two-pointers, as Kobe shoots a respectable 52 percent, but Taylor made 68 percent.

POINT THREE: Speaking of Kobe’s team

The Lakers opened the Mike D’Antoni era in fine fashion Tuesday night notching a 95-90 victory over the Nets, the best team the Lakers have beaten this year. It wasn’t the 120-110 victory everyone was expecting, but it will take time and Steve Nash to be able to maximize the offensive potential. When coaching comes in handy is at the end of close games, and the Lakers did make all the right plays defensively at crucial times Tuesday, something they hadn’t done throughout the year. Another thing the Lakers did during Tuesday’s game much more than they had in their previous games this season is smile. The Lakers looked like they were having fun again. Watch for the smile quotient tonight against Sacramento. There is a direct correlation between smiling and success. Try it at your own job.

POINT FOUR: Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping the holiday finds you well, and that you the wishbone cracks in your favor. Here is a link to my Wednesday column about my Thanksgiving family tradition. Hint, it’s football-related.