Should Timothy Bradley fight on Dec. 15?

The long wait for who Timothy Bradley will fight next continues, and none of the options seem that attractive. The fighters in contention have been Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, Andre Berto and now a rematch with Lamont Peterson. None of those fights were a good step up from the controversial victory over Manny Pacquiao, and you get the feeling these are just fights to keep Bradley busy. Here’s a look at the three.

Option No. 1 was Guerrero, but that has fallen apart as the bickering between the two rival promotion companies — Bradley’s Top Rank and Guerrero’s Golden Boy Promotions — continues. It was a fight that generated a lot of buzz, and would have been a nice consolation prize. Big problem is they’re both California products and the fight is in Miami. This would be a good fight in Miami, but a great fight in California, either in LA or the Bay Area.

Option No. 2 was Andre Berto, but that would have been a bad option for Bradley. Berto is a big welterweight who would be fighting at home in Miami. Berto is a tough fight, but fighting in his home would be a bad decision. This would be a good fight, but at a different time and a different venue. Since Bradley is the champion, he could demand the fight be in California.

Option No. 3 is Peterson. This is a rematch of a fight Bradley dominated in 2009 with a near shut-out. Online, the demand for this fight is ice cold. This would be a no-win situation for Bradley.

Another obstacle is the venue, Marlins Park in Miami. In one online report, Arum figures they would try to draw 20,000 for the fight. But the feeling is Top Rank has over reached with this venue. Bradley is a West Coast guy trying to sell in Miami. And the arena is in Little Havana. They will need to find a big Cuban draw to help fill the arena, but I can’t think of one guy who could help fill that arena. It feels like they are setting Bradley up for failure. He has taken enough heat for not selling. Putting him in a big arena in a fight no one will care about is a bad idea. It just seems like it would be a good idea for Bradley to fight in LA and reconnect with Southern California.

As the struggles continue to find a new opponent, especially one who can help fill Marlins Park continue, maybe it’s just time to punt. Sometimes fighting to just fight is when boxers can get into trouble. Maybe it’s getting to that point where it will be better to wait until next year and make another run at the Miguel Cottos, Juan Manuel Marquezs, Manny Pacquiaos and Floyd Mayweathers.