Dodgers have home field advantage against Cards

For all you true Blue believers out there who aren’t sure how to plan the rest of your week, here’s the lowdown on the Dodger schedule.

Of course everyone knows that once the Dodgers win the next two games against the Giants, and the Cardinals lose the next two to the Reds, L.A. will be in the postseason by virtue of tying the Cardinals for the second wild card spot.

Then the Dodgers will play the Cards in a one-game play-in game to get to the one-game wild card play-in game against the Braves. Got that?

But the big question is: Where will the one-game play-in game between the Cardinals and the Dodgers be played?

Coin flip?


Head-to-head record?


And, it turns out, the Dodgers won six of the 11 games between the two clubs, giving them the home field advantage for the contest. That means the play-in game to the play-in game will be played Thursday at Dodger Stadium, presumably at 7:05 p.m.

And there you have it — the answer to the question that I’m sure all of you were wondering about.