Timothy Bradley … And the waiting goes on

So Manny Pacquiao apparently has not made a decision on who he will fight on Nov. 10. So the question is, why not? He’s had a lot of time, and publicly he said he wants a rematch against Timothy Bradley. Yet we’re two months after Bradley’s controversial victory over Pacquiao, and there’s still no decision? Bradley wants the rematch to settle all the controvesy, and prove his victory over Pacquiao was no fluke. You would think Pacquiao would want to prove he can beat Bradley.

And if Pacquiao wants to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, then that fight should have been announced already.

One reason for the hold up could be a possible fight against Floyd Mayweather. That is the one fight Pacquiao wants and there’s been talk that an April showdown could be possible. If that’s the case, you would think Pacquiao would try to make the safest fight.

Both Bradley and Marquez would be dangerous. Bradley was elusive against the Pacquiao¬†attacks with two injured feet. Every time Pacquiao has fought Marquez, they’ve been punishing affairs. So maybe Pacquiao just has cold feet to fight anyone on Nov. 10.

However you look at it, Pacquiao needs to make a decision, and soon.