Who should Manny Pacquiao fight next?

This week, Bob Arum is in the Philippines to discuss with Manny Pacquiao who he should fight next among three candidates — Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez or Miguel Cotto.

Pacquiao has said a few times in published reports he would like a rematch against Bradley and it only seems to make sense. In winning the controversial decision, Bradley’s athleticism and defense made Pacquiao miss frequently. If Pacquiao ever does fight Floyd Mayweather, and there’s some belief it could happen in the spring (quit rolling your eyes), then no one would better prepare Pacquiao than Bradley. Plus, despite what anyone thinks, it is a loss, and why wouldn’t Pacquiao want redeem himself?

Marquez was at the Bradley-Pacquiao fight and it was believed he was there to announce a fourth fight against Pacquiao until Bradley won. Marquez and Pacquiao have fought three wars, which is a selling point. But all three fights were essentially the same fight. Is a fourth necessary? As my esteemed colleague Larry Bohannan said, Marquez-Pacquiao doesn’t need to be Police Academy.

As for Cotto, they can’t seem to agree on what weight to fight in. Cotto wants Pacquiao to be as heavy as possible. Pacquiao wants Cotto to shrink down. But Cotto just came off a competitive fight against Floyd Mayweather. And Floyd just got out of jail and will be looking for a dance partner. It only makes sense these two would fight again, or at least it makes more sense than Pacquiao-Cotto II.