The unprofessional Adrian Broner vs. Vicente Escobedo

HBO and Golden Boy have put in a lot of marketing muscle behind Adrian Broner as he prepared to defend his title against Vicente Escobedo, a fighter who trains at the Indio Boys and Girls Club with Joel Diaz.

They believed Broner is going to be a star, so they put out various programing surrounding Broner, who is a curiosity right now. He’s a trash talker with flair, and has an impressive combination of speed and power. They set up Saturday’s fight in Broner’s home of Cincinnati with a national audience.

And he shows up 3 pounds overweight.

They’ve tried to give him a second weigh in to make weight, and he missed that one as well.

So Escobedo, as is his right, has refused the fight because he would be at a huge weight disadvantage for a bout that will be pivotal in his career. On the surface, the smart move for Escobedo’s career is to take a pass on the fight, as hard as it is because it is a world title fight.

This puts HBO and Golden Boy, who both have already invested a lot of money and resources into Broner, in a tough spot. Without the fight, HBO will have to cancel programming tonight. Both were attempting to throw a lot of money at Escobedo to get him to reconsider. The status of the fight was up in the air just hours before they were scheduled to go on the air. And Broner was trying to vilify Escobedo.

Uh, Escobedo was professional enough to make weight and not put everyone’s interest in jeopardy.

This will be a tough lesson for Broner. He’s shown to be undependable. There’s no guarantee he will live up to his hype until he’s tested. And if he can’t make weight for his big tests, would anyone want to invest six or seven figures on him? Broner appears to be a great talent, but one that needs to act professionally if he wants to be a professional.