A classic case of swift Twitter justice for LPGA’s Kim

On Friday afternoon, after a second consecutive day of struggling on the golf course, LPGA fan favorite and twitter star Christina Kim was dejected as it was evident she would not make the cut to play during the weekend at the U.S. Open.

She logged on to twitter after her round and found this lovely message from a woman with the handle BlackAngus_CG: “OMG go on a diet.  You are a disgrace to women golf and women athletes.”

She read the message at 5:12 p.m. and responded at 5:14 p.m. “Gotta love twitter for introducing me to “people” like BlackAngus_CG. Shoot me when I’m down some more, please!”

A quick look at BlackAngus’ timeline revealed that her name is Melanie Spigelmyre and three days before she had also tweeted that 2011 Wimbledon champ Petra Kvitova should “Lose some weight.” An even deeper look revealed that Spigelmyre is a cyclist and her feed included a clip of a news report of her getting run over by some cows during a cycling training trip in March.

Kim has 33,519 followers and many of them leapt to her defense. Chiding Spigelmyer in both a civil manner and, as often is often the case on Twitter, an uncivil manner. But one Kim follower tweeted to Kim the video of Spigelmyer getting run over by cows. Kim loved it.

“Hmmm. Maybe @backangus_CG hated on me bc I reminded her of a cow” the portly Kim joked in a follow-up tweet. After a few more zingers Kim had to tweet to her followers to have them call off the dogs (or cows) on Spigelmyer.

“Lol calm down folks. Just having some fun. No need for more harsh words to get thrown out there. That being said, I may go hug a cow tonight” Kim tweeted and that was the last word on the subject. And that happened at 5:52 p.m.

So in other words, within 40 minutes from the time Spigelmyer tweeted to Kim that she should lose weight and that she was a disgrace to female athletes, she was castigated by Kim backers, a video of her getting run over by cows was distributed to Kim’s 33,500 followers, and Kim had to tell her followers to lay off.

Now that’s some swift Twitter justice.

By the way, Kim’s Twitter handle is @TheChristinaKim and she is one of the funniest pro athletes to follow. Here’s an example tweet from earlier this year: “Yeah baby! High Score! Oh wait, this is golf, damn.”