Kings set up Saturday logjam

Darn those Los Angeles Kings. While we in The Desert Sun sports department are hoping the Kings bring home the Stanley Cup, we really, really, really wanted them to do it Wednesday night at home.

That would have enabled us to give them a nice ride in the paper, centerpiece on Page C1 and more photos and stories inside, but alas the New Jersey Devils foiled that plan and pushed the Kings to Game 5 on Saturday night.

That’s a problem, because we have the biggest event that’s ever happened in the history of valley sports happening on Saturday with local fighter Timothy Bradley facing off against Manny Pacquiao in the boxing ring in Las Vegas. Throw in a potential Triple Crown horse race, a potential Heat-Celtics Game 7 and the French Open women’s championship and you got yourself several things that any other day would be our centerpiece but on Saturday, June 9 don’t stand a chance.

So while we were rooting hard for the Kings to win Wednesday night, it’d probably be better for everyone (both newspaper page designers and Desert Sun readers) if they went ahead and lost on Saturday and waited to hoist the Cup until Monday.

Kings fans, you have my personal vow that the Kings will be the centerpiece in Tuesday’s paper if they win it on Monday. I cannot make that same promise if they win on Saturday. So here’s to a Game 6 (or Game 7 on Wednesday) victory for the Los Angeles Kings.

So I’m not going so far as to say the Kings should throw the game on Saturday, but … well OK, that’s exactly what I’m saying. You don’t want to share your spotlight with a silly old horse winning the triple crown, or a bruised-up boxer raising his arm in the air. You should have a night all to yourself.

So leave Snooki and company in New Jersey on Saturday, c’mon home Sunday and win  the Stanley Cup in L.A. on Monday. Deal? OK, great. Thanks.