Time Warner Cable attempting to negotiate with Fox for San Diego Padres games

Time Warner Cable said Tuesday that negotiations with Fox Sports over carriage of San Diego Padres baseball games are active and ongoing.

The Time Warner Cable statement came after Fox Sports raised the possibility Monday that the Padres might not appear on Time Warner Cable during the 2012 season.

The newly launched Fox Sports San Diego is broadcasting nearly every Padres game this season. However, the network has only reached an agreement so far with one distributor in the desert — DirecTV. The new network is not available to subscribers of Time Warner Cable, Dish Network and Verizon fIOS.

According to the Time Warner Cable statement, “Fox Sports San Diego’s statement that Time Warner Cable is not negotiating is untrue.  Many emails, phone conversations and other exchanges have occurred as we work together to reach agreement.”

Fox Sports contends that it has not heard from Time Warner Cable in weeks regarding its latest proposal.

“Despite what Time Warner is saying publicly, they are not negotiating with us to offer FOX Sports San Diego and the Padres to their customers,” a Fox Sports statement said. ”In fact, we have not heard from Time Warner in weeks regarding our latest proposal.

“The silence is deafening.  Time Warner is making it clear they have no interest in carrying FOX Sports San Diego and the Padres this year. FOX Sports has stepped up to the plate and made a long-term commitment to Padres baseball, while Time Warner remains on the bench.”

According to Time Warner Cable, “Time Warner Cable was the last party to offer a formal proposal.  Fox has not delivered a formal counter to Time Warner Cable’s last proposal.

“Four of the six potential distributors of Fox Sports San Diego programming have not been able to reach agreement with Fox. Perhaps this explains the Fox Sports San Diego spokesperson’s confusion as to who has submitted proposals and when.  Fox is out of step with many different distributors, not just Time Warner Cable.”

Time Warner Cable has stated on several occasions that Fox is demanding a nearly 400 percent increase over what Time Warner Cable and its customers paid to watch the Padres last year, and that the price is the only main issue in the dispute.

“At Time Warner Cable, we’re sports fans too and we’re eager to reach a reasonable agreement so our customers can enjoy the Padres games,” the Time Warner Cable statement said. ”We will continue to talk as often as possible, offer proposals and negotiate with Fox in good faith.  It is our hope that Fox will accurately represent the nature of these negotiations.  False statements and inaccuracies only serve to make an agreement more difficult to reach and hurt the sports fans we are both trying to serve.”